Barometric Pressure and Walleye

downeaster_fishing_barometer_freshwater_seriesMany people look past the Barometric Pressure when it comes to fishing, but believe it or not this has a huge impact on fish behavior.   Barometric Pressure is simply the weight of the air.  As the pressure falls (low-pressure) it does not push down on the water as hard.  When the pressure rises (high-pressure) it pushes down on the water compressing it more.  Low pressure occurs during storms and when cold fronts approach.  High pressure is more present during nice days.  So how does this affect the Walleye?  The lower the pressure the easier it is for fish to move through the water.  The water is not as compressed.  This is why some of the best Walleye action can happen just before a storm or cold front.  The pressure will drop drastically easing the compression of the water causing fish to really become aggressive and move around,this includes bait fish.  With this said Walleye don’t like quick fluctuations in pressure, so a lot of  storms coming and going  or frequent cold front changes could slow down the bite.  During high pressure the water is more compressed making it more difficult for fish movement causing them to lock down for a while, but when high pressure is constant for a long period of time the fish will become aggressive at some point. I  have witnessed feeding frenzies just before storm fronts. It is fast and furious until the main storm arrives then the pressure begins to rise again slowing down the bite.

Hope this extra information helps-knowledge is power.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.