Maumee River and Lake Erie Report -Vertical Jigging Tips


Just a sample of our vertical jigs, we have a wide selection of flat jigs..1 oz thru 1/2 oz

Walleye out in front of Turtle Creek

Maumee River

The Walleye will soon begin to stage at the mouth of the Maumee river , when this happens its a great time to get out there and do some vertical jigging .

A vertical presentation is only one of your choices to catch walleyes. Vertical jigging is a technique where the boat is stationary or moving slowly. Boat control is very important for this method because you must move slowly to stay vertical. Always watch others jig as there are many variations of each presentation. Lift and drop is the most common presentation. You lift the jig a few inches or a few feet and drop the jig to the bottom. Walleyes often pick up the jig as it drops and you will feel the walleye as you lift the jig. When you drop the jig, you can keep slight tension on the line by dropping your rod tip as the jig falls. This way you can see the bite by watching the line as if the jig does not seem to reach the bottom it is in a walleyes mouth. This will also slow down the drop. Walleyes prefer both fast and slow drops.The jig can be suspended off the bottom and held motionless or twitched. Your bite can often be more aggressive with this method. Jigs can be left on the bottom and dragged as you move slowly. When dragging a jig try to add other actions episodically to entice a bite or just wait for a walleye to pick it up.
Vertical snap jigging is very similar to the action used when using a jigging spoon. It I s also like lift and drop only the speed of the lift is much faster. The jig still drops freely. You will get your most aggressive bites with this presentation.

I recommend trying each method while fishing as the success of each presentation will vary from day to day and is  not easily predictable .

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.