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Arbogast JitterbugThe Arbogast Jitterbug has been catching bass for more than 75 years, and it's not slowing down any time soon. This legendary topwater lure is a favorite of anglers around the world for several reasons. The Jitterbug produces startling topwater strikes, which makes fishing more fun, and it's easy to use even for young anglers. Plus, there's just something satisfying about listening to that quiet "plop-plop-plop" as the sun sets over a calm lake.75 Years Of Jitterbuggin'Introduced in 1938, the Arbogast Jitterbug is one of a handful of lures that truly deserve to be called legendary. The Jitterbug often evokes strong emotions in many anglers because it was the first lure they fell in love with. Perfect in its simplicity, this lure was invented when Fred Arbogast removed the handles from two spoons and attached them to the front of the bait. The side-to-side swimming motion created by this double-cupped lip catches all species of bass.How To JitterbugThe Arbogast Jitterbug is a favorite topwater lure for legions of anglers because it's simple to use and it flat out catches fish. Catching bass on a Jitterbug is as easy as casting it to likely fish-holding areas, letting it settle for a few seconds, then bringing it back with a medium-slow, constant retrieve. The bait dances left and right in a restrained swimming motion and creates an audible "plop-plop-plop" as it dances across the surface. In addition to all species of bass, the Jitterbug also catches pike, musky and other gamefish.Arbogast JitterbugCatching fish for more than 75 yearsCutting edge color patterns and proven classicsSide-to-side swimming action produces heart-stopping strikes3/8 oz

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