Berkley® 7Strand Standard Sleeves

Berkley® 7Strand Standard Sleeves


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7Strand is a leading manufacturer of wire, crimping sleeves and offshore fishing lures. With over 75 years of tradition, we are known for high performance in the saltwater fishing market.

  • A2 thru A5 are cut from brass tubing with a wall thickness sufficient to hold five times their test
  • A6 thru A11 are machined from solid brass stock for super strength and dependability on our larger wire
  • Dark brass color
  • Brand:


  • Series:

    Berkley Sevenstrand

  • Manufacturer Part Number:

    A10, A10C, A11, A11C, A2, A2C, A3, A3C, A4, A4C, A5, A5C, A6, A6C, A7, A7C, A8, A8C, A9, A9C

  • Packaging:

    Bag, Bulk Pack

  • Color:

    Dark Brass

  • Package Count:

    100, 25, 36

  • Tackle Size:

    10, 11, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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