Berkley® McMahon® Swivels

Berkley® McMahon® Swivels


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When it comes to terminal tackle, we can sum up our performance in just one word – strength. Berkley® components are guaranteed to handle the toughest tests.

  • Exceptionally strong, brass plated swivels
  • Finished in both bright and black
  • Designed for smooth bait and lure action
  • Break Strength:

    40lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb

  • Brand:


  • Series:

    Berkley McMahon Swivels

  • Manufacturer Part Number:

    G10SB, G1SB, G2/0SB, G3SB, G5SB, G7SB, P10S, P10SB, P1S, P1SB, P3S, P3SB, P5S, P5SB, P7S, P7SB

  • Packaging:

    Bag, Bulk Pack

  • Color:

    Black, Bright

  • Package Count:

    10, 144, 4, 6, 8

  • Tackle Size:

    1, 10, 2/0, 3, 5, 7

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