Berkley® NanoFil®

Berkley® NanoFil®


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Not a mono, fluoro or braid — The Next Generation in Fishing Line! Our longest casting line! Spinning reel anglers will experience exceptional casting distance and accuracy allowing them to cover more water and catch more fish. Made with 100% Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber, it has an incredibly high strength/diameter ratio, creating our thinnest line per lb test. Winner of 4 international awards.

  • Effortless Casting – Casts longer with less effort, Extremely Accurate
  • Minimum diameter, Maximum Strength – Made with Dyneema®, The thinnest line by label rating
  • Zero Memory – Virtually eliminates line tangles
  • Ultimate Sensitivity – Zero stretch to telegraph absolutely everything!
  • Line Diameter:

    0.005in, 0.008in, 0.009in, 0.010in, 0.002in, 0.003in, 0.004in, 0.006in, 0.007in

  • Break Strength:

    10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 17lb, 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 3lb

  • Spool Size:

    1500yd, 150yd, 300yd

  • Brand:


  • Series:

    Berkley Nanofil

  • Manufacturer Part Number:

    NF150010-22, NF150010-CM, NF150010-HV, NF150012-22, NF150012-CM, NF150012-HV, NF150014-22, NF150014-CM, NF150014-HV, NF150017-22, NF150017-CM, NF150017-HV, NF15008-22, NF15008-CM, NF15008-HV, NF15010-22, NF15010-CM, NF15010-HV, NF15012-22, NF15012-CM, NF15012-HV, NF15014-22, NF15014-CM, NF15014-HV, NF15017-22, NF15017-CM, NF15017-HV, NF1502-CM, NF1503-CM, NF1504-22, NF1504-CM, NF1504-HV, NF1506-22, NF1506-CM, NF1506-HV, NF1508-22, NF1508-CM, NF1508-HV, NF30010-22, NF30010-CM, NF30010-HV, NF30012-22, NF30012-CM, NF30012-HV, NF30014-22, NF30014-CM, NF30014-HV, NF30017-22, NF30017-CM, NF30017-HV, NF3006-22, NF3006-CM, NF3006-HV, NF3008-22, NF3008-CM, NF3008-HV

  • Packaging:

    Bulk Small Spools, Filler Spools

  • Color:

    Low-Vis Green, Clear Mist, Hi-Vis Chartreuse

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