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The proven wobble and profile of the Bomber Fat Free Shad Deep Diving Square Bill Crankbait is borrowed from the legendary Bomber Fat Free Shad, a lure that revolutionized crankbait fishing. Featuring a one-of-a-kind square-billed lip that allows it to dive as deeper than any square-bill ever before, it also generates the amazing deflections that bass can't resist, and make square-bills so effective.With its nose-down attitude, The Bomber Fat Free Shad Deep Diving Square Bill Crankbait also has an excellent “hunting” action, meaning it tracks left or right, and works itself back to the center – triggering bites. Hang-ups are limited as well, thanks to the Bomber Deep Square Lip Crankbait’s design. The super sharp Xcalibur Tx3 treble hooks are positioned directly behind the big body, keeping them out of trouble.One of the best crankbaits for fishing mid-depth brushpiles, stump fields, rock piles, drop-offs, ledges – anything that holds bass or provides a break at the right depth. Now, with the new square lip, this bait becomes not only one of the best bass-catchers but incredibly snag-resistant. Available in a range of deadly color combinations, the Bomber Fat Free Shad Deep Diving Square Bill Crankbait offers innovative crankbait performance. LENGHT 2 1/2 INWEIGHT 1/2 OZ DEPTH 8-10 FT 

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