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Rebel Deep CrawThe Rebel Deep Craw is the ultimate creek, stream and small water lure for a variety of gamefish species, from smallmouth bass to rainbow trout, and walleyes to bluegills. The Rebel Deep Craw is the original super-realistic crawfish crankbait. It looks and swims just like a real, live crawfish.Deep Craw Brings Big ResultsRebel Crawfish line of natural crawfish crankbaits, the Deep Craw measures just 3-inches in length — the perfect size to appeal to all gamefish. This diminutive crawfish crankbait is an almost-exact copy of a fleeing crawfish, with details such as properly positioned claws and a turned-under tail. Multiple color patterns make the Deep Craw effective in any water color.Fishing The Deep CrawThe Rebel Deep Craw dives to about 3 feet (the deep-running Deep Craw dives to 10 feet) on 6-lb line, so go ultralight with rods and reels. But don't think you'll just catch small fish — the Deep Craw is responsible for catches of 5-pound-plus bass and trophy trout every year. The best retrieve is constant at a medium speed. The Deep Craw really shines when fished in rocky streams or near vegetation in still waters. For more casting distance, pinch a couple split shot 6 inches above

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