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The Tackle Tamer neatly stores and organizes all sizes and lengths of leaders, including steel. The hooks are aligned in a single horizontal row for easy access and view. All sizes of hooks may be attached to eyelet. The point of the hook always faces into the material when the leader is wrapped around the Tackle Tamer. This makes it relatively snag-proof and safe. The leader end and the Tackle Tamer is hollow, which allows you to store sinkers, swivels, hooks, etc. .. This facet, along with being produced of plastic, makes the Tackle Tamer buoyant, provided excess weight isn't applied. To remove any line memory (coiling) from leader when removed from Tackle Tamer, simply leave hook attached to eyelet and run leader material between your thumb and index finger a few times.Neatly organizes all lengths of live bait snells, spinners & even steel leaders!End caps remove for storage of extra hooks, swivels, sinkers, etc.Simply insert hook through eyelet & unique tab holds securely at any point of Tackle Tamer.Points of hooks turn down when snells are wrapped, which makes it a relatively snag proof.Conveniently carries in vest or coat pocket.Serves as a complete tackle box for ice fishing.Ideal for backpacking & stream wading!

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