Trilene® XL®

Trilene® XL®


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The Best Trilene XL Ever! America’s Best Selling Monofilament is Stronger AND Smoother than ever! Improved formula has 20pc greater knot strength and over 50pc greater wet strength! 20pc more flexible, enhancing the Maximum Manageability that has made Trilene XL® famous.

  • The best Trilene XL ever is the strongest and smoothest
  • Smooth casting – Resists twists and kinks
  • Super Strong – Incredible strength for confidence and control
  • Sensitive – Good feel for structure and strikes
  • Versatile – Outstanding for a wide variety of baits and techniques.
  • Line Diameter:

    0.005in, 0.008in, 0.009in, 0.010in, 0.011in, 0.013in, 0.014in, 0.015in, 0.016in, 0.018in, 0.020in

  • Break Strength:

    10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 17lb, 20lb, 25lb, 2lb, 30lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb

  • Spool Size:

    110yd, 2300yd, 2600yd, 3000yd, 1000yd, 250yd, 270yd, 300yd, 330yd, 9000yd

  • Brand:


  • Series:

    Berkley Trilene

  • Manufacturer Part Number:

    XL3010-15, XL3012-15, XL3014-15, XL3017-15, XL302-15, XL3020-15, XL3025-15, XL3030-15, XL304-15, XL306-15, XL308-15, XLPS10-15, XLPS12-15, XLPS14-15, XLPS17-15, XLPS2-15, XLPS20-15, XLPS4-15, XLPS6-15, XLPS8-15, XL3010-22, XL3012-22, XL3014-22, XL3017-22, XL3020-22, XL304-22, XL306-22, XL308-22, XL9010-15, XL9010-22, XL9012-15, XL9012-22, XL9017-15, XL9017-22, XL9020-15, XL9020-22, XL906-15, XL906-22, XL908-15, XL908-22, XLEP10-15, XLEP10-22, XLEP10-26, XLEP12-15, XLEP12-22, XLEP12-26, XLEP14-15, XLEP14-22, XLEP14-26, XLEP17-15, XLEP17-22, XLEP17-26, XLEP20-15, XLEP20-22, XLEP20-26, XLEP4-15, XLEP4-22, XLEP6-15, XLEP6-22, XLEP6-26, XLEP8-15, XLEP8-22, XLEP8-26, XLFS10-15, XLFS10-22, XLFS10-26, XLFS12-15, XLFS12-22, XLFS12-26, XLFS14-15, XLFS14-22, XLFS14-26, XLFS17-15, XLFS17-22, XLFS17-26, XLFS2-15, XLFS20-15, XLFS20-22, XLFS20-26, XLFS25-15, XLFS30-15, XLFS4-15, XLFS4-22, XLFS4-26, XLFS6-15, XLFS6-22, XLFS6-26, XLFS8-15, XLFS8-22, XLFS8-26, XLPS10-22, XLPS10-26, XLPS12-22, XLPS4-22, XLPS4-26, XLPS6-22, XLPS6-26, XLPS8-22, XLPS8-26

  • Packaging:

    Bulk Medium Spools, Bulk Small Spools, Economy Spools, Pony Spools, Filler Spools

  • Color:

    Clear, Fluorescent Clear/Blue, Low-Vis Green

  • Package Count:


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