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Extra Tough for rough fishing conditions! Our best formula yet is over 45% more flexible PLUS improved abrasion resistance and knot strength. This trusted fishing line is the best Trilene XT we have ever made!

  • The best Trilene XT ever is the toughest and most flexible!
  • Abrasion resistant – Tough against all rough or sharp objects
  • Super Strong – Superior strength to fight fish in heavy cover
  • Manageable – Ideal for flipping, pitching or casting
  • Line Diameter:

    0.008in, 0.010in, 0.014in, 0.015in, 0.016in, 0.018in, 0.012in, 0.017in, 0.021in, 0.022in

  • Break Strength:

    10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 17lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb

  • Spool Size:

    110yd, 2300yd, 3000yd, 1000yd, 1800yd, 220yd, 250yd, 270yd, 2800yd, 300yd, 330yd

  • Brand:


  • Series:

    Berkley Trilene

  • Manufacturer Part Number:

    XT3010-15, XT3010-22, XT3012-15, XT3012-22, XT3014-15, XT3014-22, XT3017-15, XT3017-22, XT3020-15, XT3020-22, XT3025-15, XT3025-22, XT3030-15, XT3030-22, XT304-15, XT304-22, XT306-15, XT306-22, XT308-15, XT308-22, XTEP10-15, XTEP10-22, XTEP12-15, XTEP12-22, XTEP14-15, XTEP14-22, XTEP17-15, XTEP17-22, XTEP20-15, XTEP20-22, XTEP6-15, XTEP6-22, XTEP8-15, XTEP8-22, XTFS10-15, XTFS10-22, XTFS10-81, XTFS12-15, XTFS12-22, XTFS12-81, XTFS14-15, XTFS14-22, XTFS14-81, XTFS17-15, XTFS17-22, XTFS17-81, XTFS20-15, XTFS20-22, XTFS20-81, XTFS25-15, XTFS25-22, XTFS30-15, XTFS30-22, XTFS4-15, XTFS4-22, XTFS4-81, XTFS6-15, XTFS6-22, XTFS6-81, XTFS8-15, XTFS8-22, XTFS8-81, XTPS10-22, XTPS10-26, XTPS12-22, XTPS6-22, XTPS6-26, XTPS8-22, XTPS8-26

  • Packaging:

    Bulk Small Spools, Economy Spools, Pony Spools, Filler Spools

  • Color:

    Clear, Fluorescent Clear/Blue, Low-Vis Green, Solar

  • Package Count:


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