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Water Level

581.5 ft

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Water Temperature

45 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

4 in

Big Ole Smallmouth caught at Orleans-Dont worry she threw it back

Sunrise -6:55 am

Sunset- 8:14 pm

Wading to Bluegrass island is not recommended – The water will continue  to rise through out the day and you dont want to get stuck out there .

Well Thursday and Friday were nice warm spring days and the fishing was great, yesterday winter kicked back in with 30 degree temps , wind and rain-same for today only colder.  The river temp has dropped almost 5 degrees overnight and will likely come down some more today. The water level is now beginning to rise and today we will see the water from Ft Wayne hit us so the level may come up significantly through the day.  So even if the sign says ok itd probably be best to skip Bluegrass today.

Good news: The cold will slow the metabolism of these spawning walleye so the fish that are in there now may hunker down for a few days , and the fresh rain will definitely bring in a new push of fish from the lake. We ususally see 3-4 big pushes of walleye come up during the spring depending on rain/ water levels and temperatures.

Today if you venture out  try Orleans Park , and white street. These are both good higher water areas to fish.



Weight – 5/8 to 3/4

Colors- general rule of thumb is dark days =dark colors.  Try  Green head/ black tail, Orange head/ motoroil tail , black head/ shimmer shad tail,  Yellow head / pumpkin seed tail

Be safe , have fun and good luck fishing



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