Maumee River Report- 13 March, 2018

Maumee River Report- 13 March, 2018
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38 degrees

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7 in

*Note- the Sunrise sunset times on the very front page of out homepage are not accurate-the program did not update after the daylight savings time change-we are getting it fixed today. –Below listed are the correct times for today*



Wading to Bluegrass island is permitted

The above featured image is this weeks current Big Jack leader- Ross Gerken- 3.79 lbs


All areas are accessible and no one area is hotter than another right now- slow bite all over.

Yesterday was slow fishing- cold and snowy conditions have the walleye in the river very sluggish. As the week progresses we are expecting temps to warm up and get these walleye activated.

Bites can be very light at times. Developing the feel for those light bites will make you a successful angler. Watch your rod tip for bites. You won’t always feel them. Bites can be very light. If your rod tip goes down a little farther than the normal bouncing from the bottom, it could be a bite. When in doubt, set the hook.

Weight – 1/2 oz- 5/8 oz

Leader -we heard longer leaders were productive yesterday- 3-4ft

Colors- Pink head/white firetail, greenhead/ green sparkle tail, orange head/black tail



Sexing walleyes is easiest in early spring, during spawning; a more thorough physical examination is required during off seasons.

Examine the size of your walleye.-Females tend to grow faster and larger than males. They are considered fully grown at one year, giving you a more accurate idea of the sex of your fish.

Observe the discharge- Squeezing their belly- males will discharge a white fluid during early spring, a process known as “milting” that fertilizes laid eggs. Females will discharge yellowish pink eggs .

Examine the walleye’s posterior- The anus on a male is circular while the anus of a female resembles a keyhole, and the female’s will become larger once it is time for her to lay eggs.

Examine the weight of your walleye.-A male will weigh less and look slimmer than a female, with a more streamlined appearance; female walleyes are rounder and plump.

Below are  pictures to give you a general idea of what they look like .







Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing





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