Letter from The Lowrys- Founders Maumee Tackle

A big hello to all our former customers and friends. It’s been brought to our attention that a lot of you are wondering how Janice and I are doing. First let me tell you that we miss all of you. We have no regrets working all those long hours during the walleye runs and throughout the years. You, our customers made it fun and we have many enjoyable memories. So after twenty-five years of hard work, here we are in Costa Rica. It was a few of you that tipped us off on the fishing and many other wonderful things here in this small country. We noimageimageimagew reside on a 56 acre slice of paradise in the mountains. Living here is like being in a national park. Every where you look there are mountains and a view of the ocean. The wildlife here is spectacular. Just on our property alone we have several troops of howler monkeys, anteaters, armadillos, whitetail deer, coati, raccoon, tayra ( a weasel that can reach 15 lbs.). Birds, we have identified 137 species so far on our property. The list goes on; Many types of bats, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and so on.

We still haven’t built our house. We have decided to take our time and contact many different contractors. You have to be careful on who you select to build and it has paid off. We are about to let one of the contractors know within a few days he has the job. It will be fantastic to finally have a house. Believe me, we are hard core campers and we are very happy here. But sleeping in a tent for over a year is getting a little old. Once the house is done, a fishing boat is next. Can’t wait!

Some of the things we do here are parties on the beach in San Juanillo. A small fishing village close to us. One of the most beautiful places here. Also fishing different beaches or a occasional charter on the Pacific. We’ve been working on our hiking trails. We also hike and go birding at the National Parks. We do spend a lot of time working on our property. We cut a new pasture where I have planted many different fruit trees. We have one worker Miguel. He helps with cutting weeds and brush. He also maintains our teak tree crop of about a thousand trees. Life is very different here for us. Now we have time to spend with our friends. Hanging out at the beach or going to one of many bars for a beer and boca. Every time you have a beer it comes with some type of food. A boca.

I’m still planning to have a web-site. It’s just a little difficult to do so living in the outdoors. Once we have had our boat for a while I will publish the new site. There will be articles on fishing, life in Costa Rica and info on visiting here. And of course, contact information.

So for now, we wish you all a good year and good fishing.

Your friends, Gary & Janice Lowry